Getting auto insurance can be a tedious job because there are a lot of factors to look at. However, in recent years there has been a boom in getting auto insurance quotes online. It is faster and saves you a lot of time and money.

Getting auto insurance quotes online is a breeze. You just have to enter all the required information into the forms available on sites like Within minutes of form submission, offers will start pouring in from some of the most reputable insurance providers.

When filling out these online forms, make sure to have the following information correct and handy:

Vehicle(s) Details

One of the chief component of your auto insurance policy is the model, make and year of the vehicle(s) you drive. Insurance companies have in-house statistics that deal with various aspects of a certain vehicle. These include: the number of theft cases reported, cost of repairing, safety performance and type.

Age, Gender and Marital Status

The quote you get from an insurance company is dependent upon the statistics compiled by that company over the years. So, if your demographic is characterized as risky by the company then you will get a more expensive quote than otherwise.

Physical Address

Where you are planning on doing most of your driving is quite important to insurance companies. Auto insurance quotes will drop in price as you move from an urban center to a remote town. It is all based on the likelihood of getting involved in an accident. It’s more expensive to get auto insurance in Washington DC than in North Dakota.

Driving Record

Auto insurance quotes are heavily reliant on your driving history. How long you have been driving, your license status and, if applicable, recent traffic infringements, your involvement in accidents is of critical importance in getting an estimated quote.

Vehicle Usage

This involves an estimate of the daily mileage of your vehicle and may also include the capacity you use your automobile in. You may be using your car in the course of business, to commute to work or simply for pleasure. Auto insurance rates vary depending upon the options you select.

Eligible and Potential Drivers

The price of your auto insurance is also dependent upon the number of eligible drivers in your household and any potential drivers who will be driving in the coming years.

Credit History

In the process of getting your auto insurance quote, you may be asked to provide details of any bankruptcy or other such credit problems. In some cases, the insurance company may ask for your consent to use information present in your credit report while generating a quote.

Employment and Homeowner Status

Insurance companies are very interested in financial stability of their potential clients. Therefore there might be questions regarding your current employment status, the length of time you have been with your current employer and whether you own or rent your home.

Past or Current Insurance Policy

Auto insurance is a competitive business therefore companies always look to get more and more customers from rivals. Therefore in the process of applying for an auto insurance quote you may be asked details about your prior or existing insurance policy. If your current insurance policy provider is charging you higher liability limits then you are bound to get better offers from the competition.